“I have a chance to kill some Russians.” Interviews with foreign volunteers in Ukraine

On February 27, Ukrainian President Zelensky announced the formation of the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine and invited foreign nationals to come to Ukraine and join the fight against Russia. Foreign nationals, many with no prior military experience or training, heeded Zelensky’s call and poured into Ukraine. Months of reports of heavy casualties among the undertrained and often underarmed International Legion volunteers followed.


Azerbaijani Aggressions Against Armenia’s Syunik Province Continue

As the governments of Turkey and Armenia discuss normalization of relations, Azerbaijani incursions into and attacks on Armenia’s Syunik province continue. In November, Azerbaijani forces closed the Goris-Kapan and Kapan-Chakaten roads, isolating border villages in Syunik.

“There is a clear contradiction between what is stated at the political level and what is happening on the ground,” said Arman Tatoyan, Armenia’s Human Rights Ombudsman. “I want to see a person go to one of our border communities and tell them that the Azerbaijani forces want peace.”


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